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What is Transmission Oil

The car is a rather complicated device consisting of many different parts and mechanisms. During car operating, all its parts interact with each other resulting in friction. The duration of such a process over time can harm the car components. Therefore, in order to avoid such a scenario, various lubricants are used.

One of them is transmission oil, a special fluid used mainly for lubricating manual transmissions, main pairs of drive axles and transfer boxes, and steering mechanisms as well as various types of chain and gears. Most often, transmission oil is designed from basic semi-synthetic oil enriched with various functional additives (anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-skid).

The principle of transmission oil is to create a protective film that reliably covers parts and protects them from the negative factors of harsh operating conditions. Its composition must have a sufficient level of viscosity preventing the destruction of the protective film under the influence of high or low temperatures, the need to withstand high-speed sliding mode as well as shock loads. Transmission oil should also protect the operating surfaces from wear, corrosion, reduce friction and provides adhesion due to well-chosen additives. That's why it is worth considering such points when buying a liquid. Always read carefully the info on the label - it will point you whether or not to buy transmission oil in your case. Do not forget about the quality of the product since everyone knows that only reliable transmission oil will help to achieve the desired result and extend the lifespan of your vehicle.