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What Is Synthetic Blend Oil

Semi-Synthetic Oil is the most demanded product gain a significant share of the auto-oil market. Well, there's nothing weird about that. The main goal of this motor oil realizes on the full 100%, and it lies in the maintenance of uninterrupted operation of the engine. Synthetic Blend Oil is manufactured on the mixture basic of mineral (crude oil processing) and synthetic (organic synthesis) oils by adding the selected complex of additives. This is such a "golden balance" between synthetic and mineral oils: it inferiors in the aggregate of properties of the first one but cheaper than it, and it's superior in its qualities to the second one although more expensive than it. However, semi-synthetics fully possess all the qualities inherent in good engine oil and allow you to differentiate it from a low-quality product. Synthetic Blend Oil is designed for economical and environmentally friendly engines. It has excellent performance at low temperatures and high viscosity index. Using this oil provides the following benefits:

  • Excellent start-up quality;
  • Maintain engine cleanliness;
  • Oxidation resistance;
  • Reduce corrosion;
  • Reliable wear protection and high dynamic performance;
  • Meet the multi-grade criteria.

To date, global manufacturers of motor oil designed a large number of brands of Semi-Synthetic Oils intended for use in gasoline & diesel engines. Take into account many parameters when choosing Synthetic Blend Oil such as the actual operating conditions of the vehicle as well as engine wear and tear.