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Petromerica transmission fluid is formulated for lubrication of manual and automatic transmissions, main pairs of drive axles and transfer boxes. The main goal of this oil is to reduce friction and wear of transmission teeth and heat sink. Lubricant also protects the operating surfaces from wear and provides adhesion due to well-chosen additives. In addition, it increases corrosion protection and the lifespan of a system as a whole. Transmission oil has a high viscosity due to which the oil film can withstand greater contact stress. Transmission oil wholesale we offer is provided with great features allowing car' operating in a wide range of temperatures and heavy loads.

Transmission oil we recommended has a certain set of strictly regulated technical parameters ensuring optimal operating conditions for the transmission. Our company offers transmission fluid wholesale to use for passenger cars and trucks, all-wheel drive and some models of non-wheel drive cars as well as for the car with automatic transmission. You can buy transmission fluid right now choosing any suitable oil option for your car on the Petromerica website. Please, pay attention to the transmission protection. After all, it allows you to prevent the influence of negative factors on your car. Better offers from Petromerica are available all the time!