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More recently, synthetic blend motor oil was positioned in a group of exclusive products and was recommended for a limited number of cars. They were treated with some caution at first, apprehension as an "unfamiliar", little-known product. Some focused on their shortcomings while others, on the contrary, extolled. But anyways, synthetic blend engine oil is gaining ground nowadays. This process is facilitated by the many advantages of such oils as well as the engine manufacturers themselves. The special oil formula provides high antioxidant properties, resistance to burnout at high temperatures and improved low-temperature pumpability at low temperatures compared to conventional motor oils. It is specially designed to protect the engines of gasoline and hybrid cars as well as in light trucks in all operating conditions. It meets the warranty requirements of new cars for which the oil is specified that meets all the approvals and the requirements of the leading world manufacturers of the automotive industry. The semi-synthetic formula improves engine performance compared to conventional engine oils which help to reduce fuel consumption, resists viscosity loss and burnout when exposed to high temperatures, and protects against the formation of deposits in the form of sludge, soot, rust, and corrosion. This oil belongs to the group of “energy-saving” which allows improving fuel economy. Buying synthetic blend oil wholesale at Pertomerica, check product prices from our managers.

Real American product from a trusted American oil brand!