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For motorcycle engines and other components that need lubrication, it is recommended to use Motorcycle Oil specially adapted for motorcycles. Engines installed in motorcycles, unlike automobile engines, gain full power faster, operate at higher temperatures and at higher revs. The wet clutch used in motorcycles has also special requirements for the oil to be poured. In some motorcycle models, engine oil can also be used in the gearbox. Motorcycle Engine Oil differs in a set of characteristics designed on the basis of the specific features of the motorcycle operation. Since the engine works, almost completely immersed in the liquid, the Motorcycle Oil for the motorbike must be fully adapted to its needs. There are three types of Motorcycle Engine Oil on the market:

  • Mineral,
  • Synthetic,
  • Semi-synthetic.

Remember that engines of different brands have their own characteristics. Respectively, the oil choice must be carried out based on the features of a particular vehicle. Like for the car, it is very important to buy the Best Motorcycle Oil of suitable viscosity which is determined according to the type of engine. The product marking is familiar to car owners as it has a similar abbreviation.