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Since any hydraulics requires the presence of a specialized medium for its operation, it is indispensable without such a component as hydraulic oil. This special fluid protects it from wear, provides system service at different levels of humidity and temperature. Since car mechanisms lend to completely different loads, hydraulic fluid must be required by special properties satisfying the needs of the vehicle to the maximum. Hydraulic fluid used to operate a hydraulic system has its own unique properties:

  • Oil-resistance to oxidation under the influence of temperature and the environment;
  • Anti-foam properties;
  • Viscosity-temperature properties; 
  • Filterability;
  • Anti-corrosion properties;
  • Anti-wear properties.

Petromerica hydraulic oil is designed to ensure reliable car performance: due to high-quality additives, the viscosity and lubricating, oil' properties remain at the appropriate level for a long time. We promote only high-quality pure hydraulic fluid used in the hydraulic system with the correct viscosity & additive package, without water content that does not deteriorate during oxidation. In order for the hydraulics to operate properly, hydraulic oil should be selected taking into account the type of car system as well as follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer since these oils are designed for specific equipment and conditions of use.