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High-quality multi-grade Petromerica heavy-duty engine oil is designed for diesel, gasoline and propane engines with/without turbocharging, operating in normal and the toughest driving conditions. Such diesel motor oil with high viscosity indicated fits for many super-power two-and four-stroke diesel engines of commercial vehicle - agricultural machinery, mining, farm, trucking and construction equipment, marine, and other off-road applications. Heavy-duty motor oil can be also used for old vehicles to save lubrication. Diesel engine oil provides high performance and anti-wear features. Buying heavy-duty oil wholesale you've got the following pros to a long period for your car using even under the toughest driving conditions:

  • Excellent protection against piston deposits 
  • Engine wear control
  • Engine service lifespan-extending
  • Engine power maintaining
  • Car efficiency due to oil consumption reducing
  • Gas emissions minimizing.

Properly selected oil for commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and other off-road vehicles is the key to their stable and long-term operation. We have in-stock full-, semi-synthetic motor oils for passenger diesel cars and a line of oils for heavily loaded vehicles with extended drain intervals and tolerances corresponding to environmental regulations. Diesel oil wholesale from Petromerica can help you to reduce maintenance efforts, to save time and money.