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We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed and upgraded Full Synthetic Engine Oil which has been manufactured specifically for modern cars that meet key international safety requirements, in particular, API standards. It minimizes the total amount of harmful emissions to the environment, reliably lubricates all moving parts, and allows to significantly reducing fuel consumption. Petromerica Full Synthetic Motor Oil is made on the basis of 100% synthetic base raw materials with high-quality additives to achieve a high level of efficiency. The main advantages of Petromerica Full Synthetic Oil for the consumer are as follows:

  • The highest resistance to oxidation;
  • Reduced friction in operate areas leading to fuel savings;
  • Excellent detergency even with low-quality fuels;
  • High level of engine protection;
  • Increased antifriction properties;
  • The highest resistance to temperature overload.

Our product is designed primarily for those who save the engine and its funds. When using Petromerica oils, fuel savings and reduced maintenance costs are evident. Petromerica Brand is the broadest line of genuine Full Synthetic Motor Oils. The oil lineup contains all the most popular viscosity oils for modern engines.