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Most drivers believe with a reason that full synthetic engine oil is an ideal solution for car engines. It can be used on any type of car: the main thing is to choose the right viscosity. The change in oil service intervals should be observed too. Full synthetic motor oil protects your engine throughout its service life in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and various applicable standards and requirements of the leading world manufacturers of the automotive industry that limit the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gas and other harms. It may seem that the cost of full synthetics is overstated, and there can be no question of any efficiency. Certainly, such lubricants are really more expensive but their operating parameters just indicate profitability. So, a quick start in the cold weather with improved lubrication in the working areas leads to lower fuel consumption. In addition, full synthetic oil remains operational longer and does not need topping up. You can replace the previous oil with full synthetics in engines with high mileage. In this case, soft washing of the motor from deposits of various origins will occur. Petromerica sells full synthetic oil wholesale with excellent performance stability as indicated by compliance with international standards. Petromerica is the widest range of genuine full synthetic oils! The lineup contains all the most popular viscosity oils for modern engines. Buying a real American product, you can be sure of its true quality. By purchasing Petromerica oils, you buy real American "full synthetic oil".